Breakfast at the Dells RainTree

At Dells, wholesome buffet breakfast is provided in the morning. The menu includes eggs, muffins, fresh fruits, biscuits and other items. You can try to buy a ticket to dell in Daily Deals sites. By the way, although the food may not be comparable to a five star deluxe hotel, it is not only sumptuous, served fresh and hot but in sufficient quantities so that you can start your day in the right note.

Dells RainTree Resort is guaranteed to provide a memory of a life time. It is going to be one fun filled time that you would love to experience again and again.

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An introduction to the Dells RainTree Resort

Rarely does a hotel comes across which has so much to offer to the entire family. The staff is just a tag short of being genius when it comes to taking care of all members of the family. One of the greatest advantages of being at Dells RainTree Resort is that it has some pretty exciting activities for all members of the family.


The Resort has a total of 158 guest rooms, which is ideal for small families or couples or small groups traveling together. All the rooms at the Dells RainTree are provided with attached bath. The hotel staff maintains a close look at the needs of the guests ensuring that there are as few issues as possible at any time. The staff is extremely friendly and dedicated to the needs of the guests at all times.

Dells RainTree is ideally suited for conferences, MICE, weddings; get togethers, parties and other social gatherings. Every conceivable infrastructure including conference rooms, banquet halls, spacious areas for arranging a wedding are available. With a friendly staff standing by, all you need is to ask, to get what you need. In fact small families with children find the location and the amenities excellent for a fun filled weekend or week’s vacation. Children can take advantage of the acres of space and the amenities that are in store for them. Their parents enjoying the time off on their own on a relaxed resort that offers them the time to breathe and simply be on their own.

The indoor waterpark

At Dells RainTree Resort you will be surprised to see one of the largest indoor water theme parks with an area of 22,000 square feet, complete with an amazing array of fun filed entertainments. For those who are looking for an idle time lying by the pool side, the Dells RainTree Resort has a large indoor water park that is just perfect for doing nothing! A great bonus is that the indoor pool has a lifeguard and that makes it safe for your kids to splash around without you having to watch all the time. The pool is just perfect for the warm summers, plus a collection of big and small water slides are simply too much fun to be on!

There is also a rope bridge on the water which is quite simply a great option for some really exciting and entertaining time. It is a guaranteed hit with your kids along with the water basketball, squirting cannon, zero-depth wading pool and the dumping water buckets.

Ideally located at 110 miles from Milwaukee and 50 Miles from Madison, they are ideally located to ensure that you are within driving distance from the nearest hubs.

Nearby attractions

The Dells RainTree also has some excellent entertainment attractions in the vicinity. Noah’s Ark is just around the corner. For the theme park enthusiasts, Mount Olympus theme Park is just two blocks away.

For the lover of Japanese cuisine, there is a great restaurant nearby known as the Ginza. You can order whatever you like and they will cook the food directly on your table. There is nothing better than fresh food cooked right in front you.

The bar at Dells

The BAR is good. A very friendly bartender who is interested to server the customers no matter how many times you want to have the glasses refilled! As a guest had recently commented about the BAR, it is well stocked with some pretty interesting selections as well. Food wise the bar offers a great selection of items, so if you are a great fan of pizzas or French fries, you are not going to be disappointed.